lørdag 13. februar 2010

Pink skydrivers

Dont we all just want world peace? Lets just sit and wait for the skydriver to swift us away to the perfect land of dreams. With fuel of hopes and dreams. We would dress it up with all the finest luggage in the world. Respect. Power. Dignity. Humbleness. Quality. And the vehicle would be pink.

This week is Fashion Week in Oslo city. Models moving back and forth like zombies in Tina Haagens, like princesses in Fam Irvoll, and divas in Leila Hafzi. This time they are placed in the most dangerous and coldest streets ever. They are given a reality check in the real world. Last Fashion Week designers like Fam Irvoll, Nina Skarra, Tina Haagensen, Moods of Norway, Kima Jeans, Morami, Svin by Synne and TSH donated designes to Save the Children. All the money were donated to the children in Gaza. Its nice to wear designes with soul for once in a change.

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